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Worst Customer service by Xfinity Mobile care team

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Worst Customer service by Xfinity Mobile care team

Tried to place Xfinity Mobile iPhone orders multiple times but They've cancelled my orders without proper communication. Very disaapointed and discourgaing as a new customer, who is trying  to have their newtork service.  Xfinity Mobile case team is doing very bad job, without letting know the customer they could directly cancel the order. Called multiple times to customer care team to check the status of order, instead they always say everything is good to go. But next day, poor team just cancels the order saying reason as failure of  Identity verification even after sending all the required documentation. If they've poor management systems, atleast you should 've asked customer to verify identity at local xfinity store.

Hope you guys are motivated to grow your business not by providing poor service to interested new customers.

Got frustated!!! planning to be with well known network provider.