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Worst Customer Service Ever!!

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Worst Customer Service Ever!!

For the second time in 2 months I have had the worst possible customer service expeience that I have ever experienced.  

First I bought 2 Iphone X phones from Xfinity Mobile at full price on 1/20/18, 7 days later Xfinity mobile has a promotion for $200 back on the purchase of an Iphone X.  I was told I would not qualify since I did not purchase during the promotion period.  I stated to the agent that since I was still on my trial period I could cancel my service and sign up again and get the two $200 rebated.  Since I live 20 miles from an Xfinity store and they would be receiving two used Iphone back this seems stupid.  She ageed and gave me a ticket number and a customer service rep would be calling me.  Over the next two weeks I made 4 more calls and was given two more ticket number, but never received a call.


Fast forward to this week.  I left Xfinity Mobile because of there terrible customer service.  Now I have two Iphone X's that I'm trying to sell.  I called Xfinity Mobile to try to get them unlocked.  I'm told that they can only unlock one of my phones because the other other Iphone has a different IMEI number.  I have a Xfinity Mobile receipt, as well as, the phone itself that shows me the same IMEI number that they say is not mine. Agent tell me that some one will call me within 24 hours, and that the Iphone that matches their IMEI number will be unlocked and I will receive an email within 1 day.


As expected, 3 days later I have heard from no one, and have not received any unlock email.



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Re: Worst Customer Service Ever!!

they sent us a blacklisted brand new iphone x and we have been waiting 5 days to solve the issue and they don't care at all about our frustation, so you are not alone.