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Wireless Caller

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Wireless Caller


We (wife and I) have a comcast (xfinity)land line.

Both our iPhones are version 11

Both iPhones purchased via Xfinity

All settings on both phones (with respect to calls) are identical.

When my wife uses her cell to call our land line we see her name and number.

When I use my cell to call our land line it shows 'Wireless Caller'


Why?  and how do I fix so it shows my name and number?


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Re: Wireless Caller

Hi HealessHessian, thank you for reaching out to Xfinity Mobile through the Forum. I can understand and appreciate the concern with why this is happening, and how it can be fixed. I am happy to provide you information on why this is.


Under the Xfinity Mobile network, the only information that is transmitted when a wireless customer makes an outgoing call is the Mobile Device Number and the name 'Wireless Caller.' If any name other than 'Wireless Caller' is being displayed, that name is left over from the previous user, or stored in the called party's landline or cellular service database. This is rare and can occur when you port your numbers over.


Currently we do not have an option to modify the other lines that have defaulted to 'Wireless Caller' to a specific name. We are constantly working to improve our overall network and options, we had customers  request to have this an option to modify. We do not have an estimated time frame for if or when this will be available. My apologies, as this is not the best answer, please let me know if you have any other questions.

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Re: Wireless Caller

I understand your answer, basically you can't do a thing about this.  That makes no sense considering that you own the entire path from our cell phones (Iphones on Xfinity purchased from you) all the way to our land line (also on xfinity).

I can see where if there was another company involved you might say its their problem, but in this case it is your problem and you are not fixing it.

All issues we have ever had with Xfinity/Comcast have always been corrected properly, excepting this one.