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Wifi calling in iPhone XR

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Wifi calling in iPhone XR

HELP! We just changed over from Verizon to COMCAST mobile service. We live in a condo with lots of concrete and we cannot get a cellular signal. So we rely on wifi calling. Worked well when we had Verizon. But with COMCAST service, our calls constantly fail. It’s awful! We have tried resetting our network. What else can we try?
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Re: Wifi calling in iPhone XR

Hello CarolynT2015,


Thank you for taking the time to post to the Xfinity Forum and I hope you’ll pardon my delayed response.  Know that we greatly appreciate your time, and patience.


Regarding the reason for the thread you created, there is a main thread regarding this same topic - WiFi calling frequent drops and call failed issues.  Please refer any further questions or discourse to the thread title provided above.


We are in the process of gathering data and will be posting an update to this situation soon enough.  We are asking customers that are impacted by this to provide a response to the following questions;


1.Are calls being dropped exclusively to one Wi-Fi signal or on all Wi-Fi signals?

2.Have you identified a pattern to when the calls are being dropped?  For instance, does it happen in the mornings only, or during all times of day?

3.Please indicate the device type and if the device was added to your account as a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). 

4.Please provide the ZIP code.


Know that you can also reach out to me via private message.  You can message me privately by clicking on my name ComcastChrisL, which will take you to my profile page.  From there, you’ll see a blue ‘send a message’ button.  For account access and authentication, please provide the following information;


First and Last name, mobile number, full service address, and the last 4 digits of the stored payment method on file.


Let me know if you have any other questions.



I am an Official Comcast Employee.
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Re: Wifi calling in iPhone XR

This issue still persists on the Xfinity Mobile Network. I have this issue with multiple iPhones and have absolutely no wifi calling issues with the same phones on other carriers connecting to the same WiFi networks. I can eliminate the issue by turning off WiFi calling. There definitely seems to be an issue in how Xfinity Mobile is handling WiFi Calling on the iPhones in comparison to the other carriers. I’ve tested both T-Mobile and AT&T on the same phones.

Re: Wifi calling in iPhone XR

Same problem here on my XS Max and 11, both bought new at an Xfinity store. There was a very lengthy thread that was well over two years old discussing this issue but I can’t find it anymore.
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Re: Wifi calling in iPhone XR

It’s very easy to reproduce time and again. Initially I thought it was only calls to and from other Xfinity/Verizon subscribers but that’s not the case. I can reproduce when I go into Airplane mode on the phone. Interestingly enough, while in Airplane Mode WiFi calling works just fine. The issue manifests when I leave airplane mode. The carrier correctly changes over to Xfinity Mobile from XM WiFi but it would seem that something in that re-registration back into the cellular network doesn’t quite work. It appears to be in cellular mode but behaves as if it’s in Limbo where it’s able to notify the phone that there is an incoming call but once it’s answered it goes to call failed until I go back into the settings and toggle the WiFi as well as toggling Airplane mode. I did some other testing earlier on where it seemed that it could also be related to VoLTE. So I may try some additional tests leaving WiFi calling on but turning off VoLTE(not sure if that will work or not). I find it a bit strange that this issue has persisted for so long especially since I haven’t seen this or even heard of such a pervasive issue on any other carrier, especially Verizon which if it was a network issue I’d expect it to manifest there as well. Leads me to believe it has to do with the carrier settings in how Xfinity is coding their WiFi calling rule sets or something.
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Re: Wifi calling in iPhone XR

Just did some basic testing with VoLTE off and WiFi calling Enabled and it seems to work fine. I can toggle into and out of airplane mode without issue and without experiencing the Call Failed issues( these call failed issues I’m referring to are primarily inbound calls) when I go back into Cellular mode. The con to this approach is of course no Data while on a call while on the cellular network and no HD Voice to other capable folks. You will get HD voice to other capable folks while on WiFI calling though. So the issue seems to be a combination of WiFi calling when used in combination with VoLTE. Being that Verizon is moving away from CDMA I’d guess the better option is to just leave WiFi calling off until they sort out what’s going on. Unfortunately that’s not going to help the folks with questionable coverage. This is probably a conclusion that many folks have already come to but if the previous support threads are being archived or deleted it’s Ground Hog Day for those of us that are new to the Xfinity Mobile Service. It would be nice if someone from Xfinity Mobile would own the issue escalate it and get it fixed. There are much smaller MVNO’s that have this working, it’s really strange this has been such a long standing issue.
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Re: Wifi calling in iPhone XR

I have no issue with wifi calling on Moto G7 Power

I never got wifi calling to work with iphone XR since Sep 19

Apple has been supportive and even replaced my iphone.

They said xfinity should fix it.

Problem is  with Xfinity software/configuration and their tier 2 is

of no help to resolve. They submit a ticket but dont ever get a response.

On iphone wifi calling does not kick in unless one is on airplane mode. And

then when we turn off airplane mode, all incoming calls fail. Then only

way to recover is to turn off wifi calling and\reset network settings.

iphone unusable for wifi calling on xfinity mobile.l I verified this also with Xs.

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Re: Wifi calling in iPhone XR

Your findings are very similar to mine. I’m running Dual-Sim and the Xfinity Mobile service is on the Physical Sim and AT&T on eSIM. Xfinity is Secondary to AT&T line. AT&T is much more aggressive in switching into WiFi calling then Xfinity(AT&T’s WiFi calling also has no issues) however I thought it could possibly be a function of the fact that it was not true primary connection. I’ve been testing with WiFi calling turned on and it seems like it will all work as it should for about a week or so and then strange things like Failed Calls begin to occur and I’ll need to do the Airplane Mode / WiFi shuffle to get things working again. I have not needed to reset network settings to get things working again although I have done it to appease Technical support. In regards to placing the phone into airplane mode, XM WiFi pops up and WiFi calling works just fine, it’s when it needs to go between the towers and WiFi that something seems to get hung up at certain points and something doesn’t register or associate properly. Thanks for the post! I’m glad to hear you are not having the issue on the Samsung phone.