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Why doesnt Xfinity care

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Why doesnt Xfinity care

Why doesnt Xfinty care, story, moved all my services to Xfinity ie. cable, internet, and mobile acounts end of Nov. 2018. The understanding was my current samsung phone (less than 2 yrs old) was not supported by XFINITY but my wifes Iphone was. I agreed to purchase new latest samsung from XFINITY and they would switch my wifes phone over after cable TV connection was made on Dec 20 2018. Ok after four weeks cable TV switched over, went in to switch over wifes Iphone over.  As they said this had to happen after TV connection was made, then they could switch sim cards. At this meeting we were told 4WEEKS into this,  Iphone was not supported and had to purchase a new IPHONE, consider the choices at this point? After this date my phone (Samsung) became almost

inopperable, could not even send text from home or  most of my coverage area, and was the same with cell service. After  hours of phone calls I've have been told that someone??????? will contact me within 24 to 72 hrs. In the mean while my wife is at home trying to recovering from brst cancer, double mysectomy and major reconstructive surgery. I cant contact her, she cant contact me, but at least her phone works she can call 911 if she needs to. I dont expect anything to change base on this communication, but i have told my story to you again and again.