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Why doesn't Xfinity want to pay the iPhone rebate you legitimately earned?

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Why doesn't Xfinity want to pay the iPhone rebate you legitimately earned?

My situation of having not received my rebate, which other subscribers have also encountered, is a scam by Xfinity. I am one of those subscribers who ordered an iPhone within the offer period which ended June 24.  I ordered the iPhone on June 9 and it was backordered. I received the phone in late June after the offer expired.  I confirmed with Customer Service twice, before ordering the phone, that as long as the phone was ordered within the offer period, the rebate would be honored even though the phone and mobile service would not start after the offer had expired. Fortunately, I recorded one of those chats.

It's now been 19 weeks since my phone service started, which was July 2, and the Xfinity Reward Center, which I just called, said I have not been "verified" to receive a rebate but my case will be reviewed! In 7-10 business days I'll get an automated call IF, yes "IF", I was approved. If I don't get a call, then it's up to me to call back to learn why I didn't. This is a poor way to do business and, if done intentionally, it's fraudulent.

This is very important! The Reward Center had deceptive information in their records and told me I ordered the phone on June 25 the day after the offer ended, which would make my order ineligible. I actually ordered it on June 9. June 25 is when I got charged because that's when the phone was shipped. Xfinity has likely done this same scam to thousands of customers whose orders were placed during the offer period, who were told that they were eligible for a rebate, and who were then disqualified because their credit cards were charged when the phone shipped, which was after the offer ended. I for one will fight this until I get money back. You should, too!