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Where's my phone?

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Where's my phone?

I ordered two phones for my sons since I am already a Comcast TV and Internet customer, and MY PHONE from MY MOBILE PROVIDER works just fine.  This was going to be a low-cost solution to provide my boys with their first phones.  If this experience is any indication of what they will have to go thru in the future then I will never use this service again!


Issue 1:  Ordered the phones nearly two weeks ago, no updates.....

Issue 2: Contacted customer service 7 days after order, was told the Verfification Department was still reviewing my order.  Odd......I've been a customer for over 17 years and they've never taken this long to take my money.....

Issue 3: Wait 4 more days, contact customer service again (I have to take the initiative since there appears to be no accountability from Xfinity Mobile or their customer service), get told "The Verification team is still reviewing your order".  Have they contacted you?"  NO!!!!!  And wouldn't you have a record if they did!!!!????  Get told to contact the Verification team directly.......OR PLACE MY ORDER AGAIN BECAUSE THE PHONES ARE NOW IN STOCK AND I'LL STILL QUALIFY FOR THE PROMO I'M ALREADY ENTITLED TO!!!!!!!  At this point I need to speak to someone who knows what the h*ll (I'm not allowed to post that word) they're talking about....

Issue4: Call the verification team....."Has anyone contacted you for additional verification, or to submit documents confirming your identity?"  No, they have not.  "Has anyone contacted you to confirm the security questions, there are 4 of them?"  No, they have not.  "Then let me ask you the 4 security questions so we can verify your identity..."  I've already verified it 3 times today, what's one more time?   "Thank you for the info.  I am sending your information to the Verification team.  You should get a confirmation email in the next 24 hours...."  I thought I was talking to the verification team!!!!!!  So I ask when I will be notified of my status.  "Wait for the verification email."

Issue 5:  The website for Xfinity Mobile is completely and utterly broken on the Dashboard side.  No status currently displayed whatsoever.  It tries to load my customer page, then there is a force-redirect to my blank Dashboard page that tells me this is the place to check on the status of my order.......Really?!?!?!


If these issues and this broken process are not addressed in a timely manner I will not only cancel this order, I will cancel ALL SERVICES and stop giving Comcast any more of my money.  I pay my considerable bill, and I know there is value in the services I subscribe to, but I'd rather do ANYTHING than speak to or chat with ANY of Comcast's customer service departments.

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Re: Where's my phone?

Just got this today.......I guess as a response.......



Please place your order again

A system error occurred that caused your XFINITY Mobile order#        to be canceled. Our apologies for the inconvenience. 

To make it up to you, we're offering a credit for each new device you order by Tuesday, January 30. You'll see the credit posted to your account 30 days after purchase. 

Katherine Kirchner
Vice President, XFINITY Mobile Care and Operations
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Re: Where's my phone?

Hi Srazo_OU812,  apologies for your frustrations when trying to order your new phones. I can assist in reviewing this further for you, can you please send me a private message with your account information (name on account, address and account number).


Thank you