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What happens to xfinity mobile account when someone moves

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What happens to xfinity mobile account when someone moves

We have 2 of our lines with Xfinity. We did not switch my sons line because he will be moving within year, not sure what cable services offered where he moves. Noticed $10 access fee that may apply. Would we be able to split his number off and he can have his own bill?
What are early cancellation fees if he decides to get other service after 8 or 9 months?
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Re: What happens to xfinity mobile account when someone moves

That's a good question(s). Well when we got our cell phone through them I was curious also. I am only assuming but it will most likely depend on a couple different variables. I'm pretty sure that Xfinity isn't a mobile network provider and I think they ping off of either Verizon or Sprint's towers. Also, they aren't a cell phone maker. So, I concluded that Comcast just gets a cut of some sort from the "Consumer Bank Account Rapist" or their more subtle name...Cell Phone Companies....(for obvious reasons) in they receive their reciprocity by
piggy backing off of the Cable Companies vast number of potential customers. That means there are really no losers. Including the customer because he or she is given greater number of options when it comes to their entertainment and communication portfolio. Again, not every single thing I stated has been verified by Perry Mason but it is based up experience, commonsense and the guys I hired to help investigate my theories. (They thought they were the BEST just because one of them used to cut the hair off the senior member of the clan of Sleuths that managed to f*%k up a simple "in and out gig at some hotel named the "Watergate" back when Richard Nixon ran for office. Sure they did... something like that would've surely been in the, some people just gotta make up stuff. (Lol) Hope you get it all figured out bud. Seriously