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Warranty exchanges at xfinity store refused

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Warranty exchanges at xfinity store refused

I purchased my phone in January at an Xfinity store lately it has been getting hot while not in use and today it will not charge or turn on. So I went to the store today and they directed that I contact my assurant planplan. Which I did and they then directed me to call Xfinity moblie customer service . Call agent was very helpful  I told him that I purchased it at the store. He then informed me that I  had to do the warranty exchange there, but if I had any problem to have them call or me call customer support while at the store . I returned to the store and was told they do not  exchanges in the store I ask that they call in or let me call in from their phone apparently this is not allow . That must be a new policy due to the fact that when I purchased my phone and plan the card would not allow the charge and they Immediately let me use their phone. And top it off I was then give a bogus number to call written by the agent ,again something I would have to go back home to do . After getting home I had to wait for my husband to get home to call the number given to me . When I called it it was some Canadian insurance company that does nothing with xfinity. So I call customer service again explained everything that has transpired thus far and was told to call Samsung who would like to have me ship my phone to them  for service that I may have to pay for .What a joke . I work from home due to illness I need my phone for my medical appointments a company who cannot honor their own policy shame on you .

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Re: Warranty exchanges at xfinity store refused

Hello Klewis1014, I do show in my exchange rules that if the phone is purchased in store and you receive the phone in store then the store would have to process your exchange. With an issues like yours ( the battery getting hot) the store may not exchange the equipment due to it being a manufacturer issue and not a network issue. I can check and see what are the next steps for your case, can you please send me a private message with your full name, street address, phone number, and account number by clicking on my name (ComcastAmir) and then "private message me"?