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Vonage to Xfinity mobile number porting nightmare

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Vonage to Xfinity mobile number porting nightmare

My current Voip phone is with Vonage. I'm trying to port the number to Xfinity mobile for the past 10 days. We have tried 5 times but it keeps failing. Anybody had same issues or how to move forward?


I went to the xfinity store, opened my vonage account on phone and gave the same details to port the number. It fails with zipcode not match.After the 3rd failure got the vonage and xfinity customer reps on phone, Vonage guy promised the 4th time it will go through. He said he cleared all logs and its a new request. He gave the details to enter on my number porting request to Xfinity mobile and she entered the details Vonage gave. Still it failed for the 4th time. Got the two together on phone - this time the Vonage lady asked Xfinity man to try with the Vonage corporate zipcode (07733) instead of mine (I googled and said the same to Xfinity and he tried and before this). Even that failed. Then the Vonage lady opened a vonage ticket. Anyone had same experience? How did you overcome that? Please share

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Re: Vonage to Xfinity mobile number porting nightmare


cocast, sorry to hear about your porting issues. The Vonage zip code for porting should be the zip code where the Vonage bills are being sent to or the address/ zip code of the retail location where the service was activated. Did you try the retail store's zip code?