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Voicemail app on Samsung A70 not working

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Voicemail app on Samsung A70 not working


My old Xfinity Mobile (XM) phone was a Samsung S7 and the voice mail worked on that phone. I recently bought a used XM Samsung A70 (XM software was already installed) and set it up on my account. Everything worked fine with the new phone except for voice mail.


I called my number from another phone and left a test voice message. On the A70 I use the Voicemail app that was preinstalled. The voicemail app just says "No new voicemails" and a button to "Call voicemail". No voicemails ever show up in the app. But if I use the call button then there are voicemails when calling.


How do I get the voicemail app to show my voicemails? The app doesn't seem to have any configuration settings or anything else so I'm not sure what to do. Thanks for any help.