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Visual Voice Mail does not work on iphone 6

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Visual Voice Mail does not work on iphone 6

Set up voice mail initially.  Kept saying that Visual voicemail was not available.  I could get voice mail by selecting the "Call Voicemail" option.  I took phone in to an xfinity office.  They got tech support on line and was able to get the visual voice mail working.  I rarely get voice mail.  About a week later, I tried to check voice mail, and I again got the visual voice mail not available.  I called tech support and they got it working again.  Ok.  About a week later, the visual voice mail is again not working.  I call tech support, and they cannot get it working this time.  Ticket # 15133639.  They recommend I call apple support.  This is clearly not an apple issue.  It is a software issue on the xfinity side of the house.  How about some meaningfull help.  An acceptable answer at this point is "Hey, we got a technical issue we cannot at this time.  We are working on it.  We will get back to you".  Providing you actually get back to me.

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Re: Visual Voice Mail does not work on iphone 6


QuadrupleBypass, this sounds like the provisioning for the feature keeps falling off. I'll check on this and your ticket. Please send me a private message with your full name and the phone number associated with your residential account for help.