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Upgrade to Xfinity Mobile Issues

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Upgrade to Xfinity Mobile Issues

I have been an xfinity customer for over six years now and currently have both internet as well as cable. However, when I tried to upgrade to include their mobile service, their reps and a supervisor said I do not currently qualify. This baffled us all since I obviously do. I have excellent credit and have never missed a payment. They suggested I go into one of their stores to see if they could figure it out, which makes no sense. When I pointed out that if xfinity mobile customer service couldn't fix this so called glitch in their system then surely one of their stores couldn't either. It wasn't until I asked that supervisor who I should call to get this issue fixed that he finally offered to have the rep write up and submit some kind of second tier ticket for further assistance. Has anyone else run into this problem and if so do you have any advice on how to resolve it? Update: Now I've been informed that I'm under a bulk residential account through the association where I'm one of the condo owners, so they don't have the ability yet to set it up with so many lines. My association manager said they've been battling this for us and 200 other associations so Xfinity better hurry up or they're going to lose a Ton of business when they should be doing whatever it takes to fix their accounting system. It just makes sense that they should want to earn more business instead of upsetting current customers and losing them in bulk. I may petition residents to vote to cancel Comcast altogether at our next board meeting. If others do the same maybe they'll make rectifying this more of a priority. None of their reps nor supervisors could even provide me with a link stating this limitation in their policy so that could also make this a legal issue.
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Re: Upgrade to Xfinity Mobile Issues


KmichelleM, what errors did you see when attempting to add mobile service?