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Unlocking used Xfinity iPhone

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Unlocking used Xfinity iPhone

Do I have to be the original owner of an Xfinity phone to eventually have it unlocked? I understand that the phone has to be paid off, on at least one full billing cycle, etc, but if I bought the phone second hand and the original owner did not have it unlocked, can I use the phone on Xfinity and have it unlocked later on? Or would the original owner have had to do that while they still had the phone on Xfinity service?

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Re: Unlocking used Xfinity iPhone

Kim_Mutchler, the easiest option is to have the original owner request the unlock, but since it was an XFINITY device coming back to XFINITY as BYOD, we may be able to try to process the request. 


Please send me a private message with your full name and phone number tied to your residential services for help.