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Unlocking issue

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Unlocking issue

To Whom It May Concern,


I need assistance with an ongoing issue that I have been having.


In December of last year (2017) Jo (an Xfinity customer) bought an iPhone 7plus for his son. This phone was too big for his son, so he took it back, paid it off in full and purchased a smaller phone. At this time, Matt was told that the phone was his and ready to do with as he pleased.


Jo then sold the phone to me. Upon inserting my sim card, I noticed that there was an issue and so promptly took it into the Xfinity store. I was told that the problem was with my sim card. I called my carrier, they couldn’t find and issue, but replaced my sim just incase it was faulty. Upon inserting the new sim, I found that I still could not use the phone, so I took it back to the Xfinity store. This time, I was told that the problem was with Apple, so I took the phone to Apple. In-store, the team member ran full diagnostics and ascertained that the phone is reading locked to Xfinity.

I took the phone back to the store and suddenly they realized that the original owner had not been told about an unlocking email that needed to be sent. I contacted the original owner, who was quite frustrated that he had not been told the correct information. He then sent the email with all the necessary information as checked by an Xfinity rep in the store. We were assured that this would be all that was necessary and the phone would be unlocked within a couple of hours.

By the next day, the phone was still not unlocked, so I went back into the store to find out what the issue was. I was then told that it would actually take up to two days. For good measure, I allowed a week to pass before trying again. Unfortunately, the phone was still not unlocked. I called to find out what could possibly be the issue. By this stage, I did have a ticket number for the unlocking process and the helpful customer support lady was able to find it very easily. She then informed me that the original sim had to be in the phone at the time the email was sent, for the unlocking process to work -something else that we had not previously been told.

I then set up a time to meet up with the original owner so he could put his son’s sim back in the phone and allow it to unlock. As soon as we put the sim in the phone, Jo sent the unlocking email and I called customer service to make sure the process was started. The rep told me it was happening and I should call back in 45 minutes to make sure it had all gone through. He told me to ask to be transferred to him so that he could deal with it directly.

I called back in the time I was told to and got a different rep on the phone. I asked to be transferred and was rudely told that this wasn’t possible. I then explained the situation, provided the ticket number and asked him if he would please check for me. He refused to check the ticket number and assured me that it would be done by now.

Of course, the phone was still not unlocked, so I called again to find out if maybe it was just taking a little longer than usual. The very helpful rep found out that the wrong phone had actually been unlocked but they issue should be able to be resolved without us having to do anything -she would just submit some paperwork.

After a week of the phone still not being unlocked, i decided to try something different. I had contemplated getting my cell phone onto Xfinity long before this whole saga and thought that maybe switching would help make things easier. Upon going into the store, I was told that not even an Xfinity sim would work in my phone. The sales rep in-store called customer service, and I was told I needed to repeat the entire process of putting the original sim back in etc. By this time, I was quite frustrated because I had already done this and there was no guarantee that I wouldn’t have a repeat of last time. The sales rep on the phone had me arrange a time with the original owner and his son in which she assured me she would call and make sure the whole thing went through. I then arranged a time, to everyone’s inconvenience, and the rep never called. Not even at a different time. Not at all.


As you can imagine, by now, I feel like I have exhausted all my avenues. Please let me know what you will be doing to resolve this issue as soon as possible.


Kinda Regards,

C. W.

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Re: Unlocking issue

caitjosh2015, thanks for reaching out. 


From what I gathered here, you purchased a phone that was not unlocked. Upon requesting an unlock with the original owner, that process hasn't completed yet. Correct? Can you provide me with that ticket number in private message so I can check? 


Additionally, it sounds like to me that you are not able to use this phone as a BYOD phone for your own account at XFINITY Mobile? At what point did they say you couldn't use the device? Was it before or after they entered your social info? Or was this after they entered your device's IMEI? 


Please send me a private message with your full name and the phone number associated with your residential services for help. 



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Re: Unlocking issue

Hi Ken, 

 Thank you for your reply. How do I send a private message, please?

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Re: Unlocking issue

Just click my name (ComcastKenF) and then click "Private message me".