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Unlocked XM phone is not compatible with Verizon??

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Unlocked XM phone is not compatible with Verizon??

I'm pretty sure some other faced the same issue like me, unless they brought their own devices on XM.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 bought from XM and fully paid off after few months installments and I got it unlocked. Now, when I'm trying to use that phone on Verizon network their website is showing the device is not compatible on our network which technically XM uses.

I already spoke to XM reps and they said everything is good from their side, but Verizon has some issues or not verifying currectly.

Before purchasing the phone and after I paid off the device I was clearly told that the phone will work on any network once it is unlocked. Certainly there is a false advertisement there. Even if I come back to XM later, I will never buy their phone ever. 

I had a chat with VZW too and they confirmed that my phone is not compatible. 


Did anyone have same issue before and resolved the issue? Please help me

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Re: Unlocked XM phone is not compatible with Verizon??

It is compatible. You may need an active sim card from Verizon and flash the Verizon branded csc file in Odin to put Verizon network settings. I would just get a active sim and go with that. They really don't need to know what device your using. That's all determined once your sim registers on the network. The phone itself is most def compatible. I have used Verizon and subsidiary phones on Xfinity mobile when mine was down. Even though byop claims no. It works just fine.