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Unlock Code from XM Is invalid

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Unlock Code from XM Is invalid



Does anyone have similar issues as me?


I received an unlock code from XM for my Samsung Galaxy S8+.  However, after entering it, the phone reported that the code is invalid.

I've called support as well as went on chat support and was told both times to email the original email address to inform them of the incorrect code.  I also responded to the email with the unlock code and informed them of the incorrect code.


However, I have not heard from them for over 3 days now.  I need to travel abroad in 2 days.  Any other way or anyone else to contact to get to the bottom of this?


I read on another thread that there is an "UNFREEZE CODE".  What is that?  Do I need that? How do I get that?

Also, I'm trying to send a private message to ComcastKenF.  Everytime I click on his name to send a message, it takes me to a page that I don't have access to type anything.  Am I doing someting wrong?



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Re: Unlock Code from XM Is invalid

willai105, thanks for posting. An unfreeze code allows you to enter an unlock code. Sometimes, when an unlock code is entered incorrectly, the device will prevent you from attempting to try again. The unfreeze codes undoes this and allow you to unlock the unlock--sort to speak. 



Yes, you cannot send a private message before posting publicly, as per our forum guidelines. I have seen your private message now that you have posted publicly and will follow up there. 



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Re: Unlock Code from XM Is invalid

Got exact same problem with my Samsung S8 phone: unlock code invalid. Is there anything wrong with Xfinity internal process for unlocking device?

Anyway I also sent private message to ComcastKenF and hope the problem can be solved soon.
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Re: Unlock Code from XM Is invalid


lv1999, got it, thanks.