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Unable to set up voicemail on BYOD iPhone 6+

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Unable to set up voicemail on BYOD iPhone 6+

Just switched over to Xfinity Mobile from Sprint.  It took about two weeks and even though I've been a customer for 24 years a message would pop up saying I was ineligable. Numerous trips to the store and hours on the phone with all types of customer support did nothing except boost my ego or make me realize what a dope I am because they kept saying, "Oh thank you for being such a loyal customer and btw you're eligible for 5 lines".  Luckily a 22 year old named Aaron in Costa Rica figured out the problem and fixed it in 10 minutes. Everything seemed fine until I tried to setup my voicemail. When I try to do that I enter a password, hit done, enter the password again, hit done and get a message stating Voicemail Error, Try again later.  I just got off the phone with customer support but the gal didn't seem to know what she was doing and after about half an hour she told me to reset my phone.  Well before I do that and it maybe doesn't work and I have to configure the phone all over again maybe there is a simpler solution like the one I read that said I'm supposed to be texted or mailed a pin.

The real kicker is that a loyal customer like me who's been with Xfinity for so long and wasted so much time isn't even offered any perks for all the aggravation.  I have a couple of sayings for Xfinity, "TALK IS CHEAP" and "PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS"


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Re: Unable to set up voicemail on BYOD iPhone 6+

I just got an email from Xfinity Help and Support Forums stating:

Hi gpf1,

You just earned a new badge!

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Congrats on Posting your first topic!


Wow I am so thrilled!  So what if my voicemail doesn't work at least I got a badge, whopeeeee.  I wish

they'd quit with the nicey nice bs and fix the dang problem.


I can't inderstand why they reply with, "private message me" instead of, "If you're having this issue here's what you need to do."