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Unable to set up Voice Mail

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Unable to set up Voice Mail

Here's the problem.    I phone bought from Xfinity Online.     Activated it at an Xfinity store and retained the number from Verizon, with whom I had previous service.    When I go to voicemail, a screen comes up with a box in the middle containing "Call Voicemail".  When I call voicemail, I'm told I'm in the Message Management Center, "Please enter a mailbox number."    Callers to my number get the same message.


I have never set up a mailbox or pin.  


I have gone through several SIMS, made many calls to Xfinity support, gone back to the store, called Apple, and the problem persisted.    Xfinity Support blamed the phone, an iPhone SE, and sent me out a new iPhone 6S.    The problem persisted, more calls, another SIM card.   So I went to the Xfinity store today and had my number changed, thinking there was some lagging issue with my old Verizon number and my new Xfinity service.    The problem persists.    Just talked to Apple again, who are confident the issue is on the Xfinity side of things.  So now I have a new phone number and am going back to the SE - without any voicemail.    How do I set up my voicemail?

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Re: Unable to set up Voice Mail


Aquafirm, I can help with your voicemail issues. Please send me a private message with your full name, the phone number associated with your residential services and the phone number on your XFINITY Mobile account.