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Unable to activate due to constant porting errors

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Unable to activate due to constant porting errors


I have been attempting to port 2 numbers since Wednesday and have been in countless calls with customer service. They are unable to activate the phones due to an error being bounced back about incorrect information when I know the information is correct as I have updated it while on a call with a representative. I have been told multiple times that my ticket is getting escalated to tier 2, but apparently it was not last night finally.Then this morning a rep advised she can assign it personally to a tier 2 rep that comes in at 10:30pm CST, which is 11:30pm EST, putting us without our new service for another day. 


I understand that the customer service reps are unable to follow up on these issues, but the fact that no one is reaching out to advise where the status is on this issue is mind boggling. All I am looking for is to port our numbers over in a timely fashion and that appears to be out of the question. I know that I am not the only one to have gone through something like this. Anyone have any information on how this was resolved for them or how to resolve it?

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Re: Unable to activate due to constant porting errors

I am in a similar situation and its been 4 days.Service Reps repeat the same steps and all you get from a tier 2 support is a voicemail asking to call back on same support number.