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Trying to get my $500 xfinity mobile owes me

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Trying to get my $500 xfinity mobile owes me

Wanted to get my first cell phone. That's when the problems started. In the first week of Dec I ordered a iphone 8plus. Recieved 12/05/2017 crushed! Called a rep he said return it and they'll send another. Well I did my part they didn't do theirs. Waited over a week and was told I had to reorder, so I did. That's a $103.50 for each order total $207. Waiting for the new phone to be deliverd xfinity withdrew a extra $281 and change + $69. That adds up to $557.00 and NO PHONE!. After many phone calls and trips to their store. All I got was alot of flapping gums. Now moveing forward 12/26/17 I recieved my iphone 8plus. With no refunds of the extra money they took. As of 01/17/2018 they took another $113.00 for total of $670. For a phone I haven't had a month. I extremely fraustrated!! hours on the phone trips to the store and all I get is people peeing in my ear and telling me it's raining. I now have contacted my bank in the fraud dept to see if they can get my money that's owed.


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Re: Trying to get my $500 xfinity mobile owes me


petahater, I can look into the status of your order, the return of the initial phone and the charges to your card. Please send me a private message with your full name, residential account number and address for help.