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Terrible Customer Service Mr. incompetance

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Terrible Customer Service Mr. incompetance

I wanted to vent to someone about my xfinity mobile issues and since nobody can put me past the tier 2 support, I will do it here in hopes that it gets to higher managment.  After 2 years of servie, I have been unable to access my mobile account online or on the app for 3 weeks.  I have called support over 5 times and have been told anything from it is a system update and would be resolved soon (complete lie) to they have no idea what is wrong and they would need to enter a ticket and I would find out in 72 hours (I am on my second one of these).  I went to an xfinity store on saturday, having my daughter drive over an hour to meet me there, to get her a new phone.  I called to double check to make sure our appointment was made.  They assured me that we could take care of our issue.  3 hours later, and 2 phone calls, we left without a phone.  

Total incompetance in the tier 2 team and store support.  After my 3 hours, I was told that a ticket would be issued.  It would take 72 hours to be resolved.  That was due yesterday.  Of course, it was not fixed.  So, after an hour on the phone with tier 2 again last night, I was told it will take another 72 hours to be resolved.  No reason. They just don't know.  So, I can't get a new phone for my daughter, who needs one since hers is starting to not charge.  I cant see my billing, nothing.  


The only thing they can do is offer me a small credit on my account.  I feel that after all of my time that has been taken not to mention all of the unrest I have had, that is poor and unacceptable reimbursement.  


Xfinity managment should be ashamed of themselves for making thier csr's recite pre-written lines of apology with no resolution.  They can talk to the Finance team and tell me that they can't do anything.  They can talk to the tech team and tell me they need yet another 72 hours.  This has been a total joke.  All of xfinity's claims of customer service seem to have been forgotten.  I will be leaving xfinity.  I have no other choice.