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Switching Sim Card

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Switching Sim Card

I orignally had a iPhone 6s Plus but I now have an iphone 7. I just switched the sim card because the IMEI number was combatible, but it is still coming up as the 6s Plus. How do I switch it on the plan?

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Re: Switching Sim Card

Call customer support, Tell them what you want to do. As long as both phones are supported they will line everything up for you. Like Verizon the sim card is tied to the phone that it came with, which is thw 6 S+. Make sure you get the 6S+ unlocked before you do this.

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Re: Switching Sim Card

Hello Pilgrims7,

We appreciate you reaching out to us through the forum. As of now, swapping the SIM from your iPhone 6s to your iPhone 7 is considered an unsolicited SIM swap. In order to have your account reflect the device that you are using, it would need to be added to your account as a new BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) line.

Technically speaking, doing an unsolicited SIM swap, in most cases, will allow you to retain all of your service and device functionality but we do not guarantee it. Unsolicited SIM swaps will prevent you from making changes to your account such as changing the data plan. We hope that in the near future, we will have the option to update the BYOD device without having to create a new line on your account. As of now, we are unable to do so.

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Re: Switching Sim Card

Hi, I am in the same boat.


Can I do this online or do I need to go to a store?


Can I upgrade my BYOD 6s to a BYOD Xr, request a new sim and put my current 6s phone number in the form  (so essentially a port from XM to XM) 


When new new sim comes in the mail activate it in the new phone. Would this drop the old 6s from the DB? 


Trying to give old 6s to in-laws so they can port to XM, but it’s wont let it happen as it thinks the 6s is still in use