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Stolen Phone

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Stolen Phone

FedEx attempted delivery of my new S10+ phone 03/19/19 but I wasn't home.   They then delivered it 03/20/19.  When I received it, we signed not realizing the box had been opened.  The phone was missing, but everything else was in the box...  the box appeared to have been opened, then stickered shut, and the inside phone box was cut enough to slide the phone out.  I went immediately to the Xfinity store in a panic, and showed them.  I then called Customer Service and spoke to the fraud unit, who started a case and opened a claim with FedEx on my behalf.  

The person I spoke to 03/20/19 was very helpful and hopeful that this would be rectified for me and I would get a replacement.  I then called again 03/23/19 to check in with someone and that person made it sound like I would not be getting a replacement, but that I would have to pay for the phone because they consider this "consumer" fraud.  I'm panicked, hoping I don't have to pay for this phone that was clearly stolen en route to my house.  From research I've done, this type of thing does happen, sometimes more than others, and results have been mixed as far as who ends up responsible.  I was advised by the fraud rep on 03/23/19 to not try to dispute any charges on my credit card, as this would make matters "worse" for me.  In the meantime, my account is locked, I can't add a line, I don't have a new phone....   luckily my old phone with Verizon still works, although not very well.  Now I just wait, although not patiently.  Any help/ positivity would be appreciated!

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Re: Stolen Phone

Call your local police, report the crime, and get a copy of the report. DO NOT HESITATE to contact your credit card company and tell them exactly what happened. NEVER, EVER accept advice from a vendor not to report this to the credit card company.

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Re: Stolen Phone

Thanks for the tip.  I did call the credit card company, and they said to give it a few days for the response from Xfinity, and then call them again and they will help me.  I purchased the phone on the monthly plan, so have only paid one installment so far.

Here's the update:  Xfinity said I have to wait for FedEx to finish their claim, but I called FedEx and they told me it's been denied.  So they investigated for 2 days:  saying they picked up a phone and delivered a phone.   However, when they delivered the phone, my friend was there, not me, and the FedEx guy said anyone can sign for it and she could leave it on my porch because it's a safe neighborhood.  Needless to say, my friend waited for my return, knowing what was in (or NOT in this situation) in the box.   In the meantime, I sit and wait.  

Xfinity said they can't do anything until the denial comes through, but that they will reopen it.  

FYI:  I spoke to Tiffany in Fraud last night and she was excellent, excellent, excellent.   Saying if it does come down to me being responsible, they can put it through my insurance that I got on the phone, but then I risk getting a refurbished phone.  And it has to be mailed to be by FedEx.  So will be stolen again????????

Today I spoke to Connie, who was also incredibly nice and understanding and I know that as employees, they are doing the best they can but they have to follow policy.

All I want is my phone, no more/ no less, and I shouldn't be stuck in the middle of 2 multimillion dollar companies.  I'm an honest, hardworking person and am getting the shaft because a thief decided to steal my phone en route to my house.  Have you ever Googled "FedEx and stolen cell phones?"  Eye opening and disgusting.  

I work for a large company and am a manager:  we make good on complaints by our customers and protect them from our vendors when the vendors mess up.....   shouldn't Xfinity do the same?  I am beyond frustrated and disgusted with the entire situation.  

I've been a loyal Comcast cable customer for 25 years:  I have never bashed them, never complained, and always had great customer service from them.   This is so incredibly discouraging and unacceptable.

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Re: Stolen Phone

So, update......

I spoke to Xfinity and FedEx Friday, and the claim is now still pending.

I called my credit card company:   because I am doing the 24 month payment option on the phone, they can only reimburse me for the first payment IF FedEx denies the claim.

I called my local police department:  they told me that they have no jurisdiction, because FedEx would have to research/ investigate where it was stolen from.

So now 3 lessons learned:
1.  Don't order expensive electronics through the mail.

2.  Carefully inspect/ open packages in front of delivery person when you have to sign for it.

3.  Don't do the payment option:  always pay for the item in full in case anything like this happens, then your credit card company will possibly cover it in full under your loss/ theft credit card coverage.

Depending on when/ if this is resolved, I will also be "out" the $250.00 prepaid Visa card that I was eligible for when I purchased the phone, because activation is required within 60 days of purchase and, after reading someone else's post about this happening to him in February and still no resolution, I'm guessing I will not be activating a new phone within 60 days of purchase.


As far as using my Xfinity phone insurance to cover the loss if FedEx denies it, that's a great option, but I will then get a refurbished phone.  Although these just came out and are brand new, I had read online where a few have already returned for various reasons.....   so I will likely end up receiving a refurbished replacement phone when/ if I receive one.  


Stay tuned......