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Short codes

Just moved 3 linesto Xfinity and bought 3 new phone...unfortunately, they will all need to go back as Xfinity does not support short codes and this was not disclosed at the time of purchase.  I was told that our service with Xfinity would be identical to Verizon.  Can't believe that in this day and age this is an issue.  I receive short codes from several companies and with the increased in security measures I do not see this ending.  Why is it Xfinity cannot support this?

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Re: Short codes

Xfinity Mobile does support short code SMS. Text HELP to 266-278 (COMCST) and you should get a response.

When you switch phone providers, a number of vendors will stop sending you short code SMS as fraud protection. With some, you need to contact them, with others, it should start working after a few days. My 2FA codes from Comcast themselves even took a few days to start working.