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Root methods found for s8 and plus bit 5

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Root methods found for s8 and plus bit 5

I figured I would post this here too for some of you who need to fix some of what is wrong with your s8 or s8 plus
Several fellars including myself have kept development alive on this device for quite some time now.
Any one with a g950u can root nougat only bit with a new method found we can even bit 5 revert to a engineering kernel and obtain root on nougat with the help safestrap...
The 955u is a very simmilar method
S8 edl safestrap and root method
S8+ method here

We can acheive root on system with locked booloaders. Debloat the bit of Xfinity software. Or like in my case I've fully debranded my s8 to not have any remnince of Xfinity other than the billing app
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Re: Root methods found for s8 and plus bit 5

On a side note this does not harm Samsung's warranty and this method does not trip Knox. You can always revert back to stock using supplied guides on xda which I am also a member of. And was a moderator for some time. We have a small collection of Xfinity users on there that can avidly and openly complain and attempt to fix there screw ups