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Robo call feature - when?

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Robo call feature - when?

Verizon and T-mobile as well as AT&T are taking steps to provide FREE capabilities to help stop mobile phone robocalls.

What do we get from Comcast - a crude list of a bunch of apps from the App store (Apple IOS) or Android versions - none of which are likely to do much.

Alternative - on your iPhone - for every one of these invasive calls - you have to navigate adn choose to BLOCK a caller - all likely that this phone number will be morphed into another spoofed number almost daily.

The wireless providers and the FTC need to come down hard on the thugs behind these calls. But they also all need to provide better capabilities - FREE - to squash as much of this as possible.

This may be the wireless forum, but the same holds true for landlines - nomorobo works a little - but there are still way too many that get through every day.


So - dear COMCAST - what say you?

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Re: Robo call feature - when?

Will switch from AT&T in a heartbeat when Comcast offers robo-call  suppression.  Until then, I am sticking with better customer service.