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Repetitive and Frustrating Billing Issue

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Repetitive and Frustrating Billing Issue

Good Afternoon,


I have been a loyal Xfinity Mobile customer for almost 2 years. I transferred my service from AT&T and purchased a device from you. 


A few months later I also purchased another device on a payment plan for a friend who had his own Xfinity Mobile service. I was paid the device payment and he paid the service portion with his own Xfinity account.


At the end of December 2018/ Beginning 2019, I noticed that I had a $600 bill. My usual bill with both device installments and my service is usually $135. I called the customer service number and was disconnected twice after explaining my issue to people who couldn't seem to understand the issue I was having. A few day later I again called and spoke to 3 different people on the same call; a customer service rep, a supervisor, and finally a tier2 team member who said that he would take care of everything. After an hour on the phone talking to him, he said he was able to remove the second phones service from my bill which would again bring my bill down to what it was supposed to be. He also issued a refund of the overcharge to my bank account which showed up a few days later. I thought that the issue had been rectified and that I would no longer have to spend my time on the phone dealing with this issue. 

A month later, on the next billing cycle, I notice again on my bill that I was overcharged for the same  issue. I called back and spoke to customer service rep who said that I would have to talk to tier2 again. He put me on hold and I was disconnected almost immediately. I called back and the exact same thing happened; disconnected as I was being transferred to tier2. This has been a consistent and repetitive issue since January when I first called. 


There is obviously a great deal of frustration when it comes to an issue that I should not be dealing with. Your computer system is making an error somewhere and continues to charge me. 


I have spent hours on this issue. What do I have to do to get a rectification for this issue? If this cannot be rectified, please let me know so that I can change carriers for a more frustration-free experience.