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Received Calls "Call Failed" issues Please Help.

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Received Calls "Call Failed" issues Please Help.

Recent Xfinity Mobile subscriber and ported 2 numbers from AT&T with iPhone 6s.  I live in a Houston suburb HOA where Cell Towers are not allowed so very weak cell signal in my home and previously used an AT&T Microcell booster to have good reception in house.  Now with Xfinity Mobile the booster no longer works so I need to rely on WiFi calling to ensure strong coverage within my home. 


The Issue:


I would say on about 25% of all incoming calls when I try to answer the call it prompts "Call Failed" and sends the incoming call to Voicemail.  This could occur repeatedly where my wife called 3 times straight all with the same issue.  No problems with me hitting the call back button and reaching her.  I have very strong wifi signal and download 70 mbps and upload 7 mbps, ping 12 ms.  Seems to be only an issue when I am using Wifi Calling as I have never had the issue outside of my home.



1) Is Comcast aware of this issue and working on a resolution?

2) I can't imagine an easy fix on my end but please advise if there are any router settings that I would need to modify?  I a Netgear AC1750 Model R6400 Router.

3) I read that Xfinity "piggybacks" on Verizon so could I buy a Verizon cell booster for my home?  Verizon said I couldn't because I don't have a Verizon number that I could register.  My brother has Verizon I don't know if I could buy a booster put it on his account and then add my Xfinity Mobile number as a "boosted number".


Please advise as I have been actually recommending Xfinity Mobile to others but getting reluctant with these consistant "Call Failed" issues.



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Re: Received Calls "Call Failed" issues Please Help.


nich0142, that's correct, we do not have compatibility with boosters or extenders at this time. 


A Verizon cell booster would not be compatible either. I got your private message and will help troubleshoot your issues with Wifi calling there. 



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Re: Received Calls "Call Failed" issues Please Help.

I am having the same problem! It is extremely frustrating. This is marked as [Solved] so what was the solution?
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Re: Received Calls "Call Failed" issues Please Help.

Any solution to this?


I have no cell signal in my home and rely on Calling Over WiFi....


The majority of calls that come in Fail as soon as I try to answer the call.


I can however call out... but other users report that when I call out when on 

Calling Over Wifi’ that they say the call drops and then rings again immediately.


I switched from Verizon and NEVER had an issue with WiFi calling. I may have to switch back if no resolution is found.


I have updated my phone to most recent iOS, Updated carrier settings, reset Network settings after being on a tech support call with Xfinity.


They even swapped my SIM card for another and reset everything again.


Problem still is ongoing! This seems like an issue with Xfinity configuration somewhere... not our devices...


Please help!!!

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Re: Received Calls "Call Failed" issues Please Help.

 Happens quite frequently when calling between the phones on the XM account. Call comes in fine, but as soon as the receiving phone attempts to answer, it goes to call failed. Would be nice to have a resolution to this. 

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Re: Received Calls "Call Failed" issues Please Help.

Hi I am using iphone SE and conctantly have an issue with 'call failed'. Is there any way that I can still use xfinity and iphone together? It is so frustrating and hope this issue would be solved soon before I change the wire vendor.