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Re: "Fraud Verification" is a scam. Cancels orders with no warning.

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Re: "Fraud Verification" is a scam. Cancels orders with no warning.

I ordered 4 phones from Xfinity mobile when I set service up on line. AFTER the sale was over, I got one of the emails requesting a copy "in digital form" of my driver's license or PASSPORT, and a copy of a utility bill. I don't send digital copies of my passport, first, and second, you should have asked for this in advance. Let me tell you about my experience with your Manual Review Department. In the course of 30 minutes I was told that my order was "suspicious," that I was "under investigation," all for my protection.

Then Xfinity sends me two of the phones ordered, without the copy of my passport ever being provided, but my other two orders were canceled. On May 12, I get two emails, with order numbers, saying the orders are in process!
Let me add that the Manual Review team made this 20 year customer feel like a zero, like you never heard of me before, like I was anything but a "valued Comcast customer" that other parts of your company tell me I am.
If you have to have a team to fix up the damage your Manual Review office causes to your customer retention policies, then you already know you have a problem.
How do I contact the team referred to in your response that can take care of this on the phone. I want this resolved. In the meantime, I'll advise the US DHS that Comcast is collecting digital copies of valid US passports for no clear reason based on emailed requests that are suspicious.


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Re: "Fraud Verification" is a scam. Cancels orders with no warning.


nrglaw, the manual review process is triggered when there is a discrepancy during the ordering process. It could range from the account holder's name not matching the one on the credit card, a change of the credit card info during the ordering process, incorrect billing address, etc. 


Let's check the status of your remaining pending orders. Please send me a private message with your full name and phone number tied to your residential services for help.

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