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Re: Xfinity Mobile Site Down?

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Re: Xfinity Mobile Site Down?

I am also getting a screen saying I am not an xfinity customer yet. I was on the phone last week for over 20 minutes and was told it was all taken care of. I have even deleted the app and reinstalled it. Yet it still tells me I am not a customer yet. I have even tried talking to someone on messenger even though it says they typically respond emidiately took over 4 hours to respond. I have yet to get e response to my reply. In all honesty this is getting old.
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Re: Xfinity Mobile Site Down?


Bobburnquist40, I can take a look into this for you. Have you recently moved? Some customers who have moved encounter this issue and it is a quick fix. Please send me a private message with the following: 


1. Your full name

2. Your address 

3. Previous address (if Applicable)

4. Phone number associated with your residential services