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Re: Xfinity Mobile Fraud Issue

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Re: Xfinity Mobile Fraud Issue

Trying to switch to xfinity mobile was the WORST buying experience in my life. I have never had these kinds of issues with security. I was IN THE STORE (3 times btw on 3 consecutive days) with my STATE ISSUED COMMERCIAL DRIVERS LICENSE ID and still needed the weird security. The "Security confirmation email" for verification to get the phones never hit my inbox, spam or otherwise. I have multiple IDs including my government ID, the passwords to the account, the billing card IN MY POSSESSION ect. The questions I tried to answer over the phone in the store after not getting the email were questions not easily remembered like what month and year did you move into your LAST (not current) residence, etc. Only one of the orders went through, 2 were on hold by the security issue and the 4th phone order got cancelled with no explanation. The lady at the store helping is was great - exhibiting patience, class and diligence in trying to resolve my issue. The representatives on the phone however were terrible. I could not get a straight answer from them about what the issue was and one could not even find my account! This frustration was magnified by the broken english they spoke making the problem worse. They all kept passing the buck and referring us back and forth.


Now we are in this holding pattern for 24-72 hrs on whether or not the other 2 will go through and even if the 4th one will be processed at all. I feel like I hired a security guard to watch my house and they changed the locks "for my own safety" making it so I can't even get into my own house! At this point I am about ready to say "to heck with it" and just get the other 2 lines at Verizon where I currently have the first 2 that I was going to port over and just pay more. I KNOW I can walk into any Verizon store today and add the lines with no issues.


I realize this is a relatively new service but Comcast is not a new company so that excuse doesn't hold water. I could understand tech difficulties but security and ordering issues for a customer that has been a Triple play customer for years isn't excusable. To add insult to injury, we spent last night picking out cases and screen protectors as a family and have them on the way from Amazon which might have to be returned now due to this snafu.



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Re: Xfinity Mobile Fraud Issue




The order review is submitted when a flag appears during the order process. A flag can appear for many reasons and aren't limited to, mismatching billing and shipping addresses, name misspelling, change in payment info, etc. 


I can check on the status of your order. Please send me a private message with your full name and Account number for help. 

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Re: Xfinity Mobile Fraud Issue

I'm having the same problem with the 'fraud flag' that THEY put on my account and THEY can't remove lmao xfinity is awful.