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Questions about Xfinity Mobile BankAmeriDeal


Questions about Xfinity Mobile BankAmeriDeal

Hi.  I bought an iPhone at an Xfinity Store on Feb 23, and activated the next day,  so I am expecting to get the $200 Visa prepaid card later.


I bought the phone with a credit card, but then changed to a different bank's (Bank of America) card for the monthly service autopay going forward.   Shortly after doing that, I coincidentally saw that my Bank of America card is offering a "BankAmeriDeal" where I get $50 back if I use the card with Xfinity Mobile.  Specifically, it says, "Must make two separate transactions with Xfinity Mobile on the card associated with this offer by 6/13/2018."


My questions are (1) Will the charge to my Bank of America card for the first service month (ending March 23) count toward this deal, since my pay-as-you-go plan data usage was under 100mb and thus I was charged only fees and taxes for that month (I forget the exact amount...I think it was about $4)?  While my April 23 bill will definitely include at least $12 in usage, it is quite possible the May 23 bill will be back to charging solely fees+taxes.


I spoke to a Bank of America CSR about this, and wasn't confident in her answer that fees+taxes only wouldn't count as a transaction, especially since their FAQ (general, not just for the Xfinity Mobile deal) explicity states that taxes *do* count toward minimum-purchase requirements for deals that have them.  And also, to me the XM BankAmeriDeal sounds more like a "keep the service and keep using the card to pay it" kind of offer rather than minimum-spend.


OTOH, if she's right, I'm obviously better off (to the tune of $50-$12=$38) purposely ensuring I use over 100mb data in the month ending May 23.  Finally, as another little wrinkle, will my IPhone Visa-Card promo violate the "cannot be combined with other offers" disclaimer attached to the BankAmeriDeal (even though the iPhone was purchased with a card from a different bank)?