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Purchased phone with false promises of wifi calling.

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Purchased phone with false promises of wifi calling.

We live in an area that the maps say has cell service but does not in fact have cell signal. Last summer we purchased 2 Xfinity cell phones with the promise that wifi calling would be available by the end of the year.


By the end of 2018 one phone did get wifi calling, the other phone was put into a holding pattern to wait even longer claiming technical difficulties causing a delay (see the post on where Official Employee Comcast Amir on 11-06-2018 stated "Also, due to technical limitations, Motorola devices are not compatible with WiFi Calling at this time but will be at some point in 2019.")
We have been more than patient. But now your support people no longer say it's coming, they say "it's not supported on that phone." We were promised in person at the xfinity store and in writing on your website at that time that the Moto e5 Play would receive wifi calling as soon as it rolled out to Android phones. It obviously didn't. We were patient when you claimed a delay until this year. But now you tell us we bought a phone we can never hope to use!
Someone needs to fix this!!!
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Re: Purchased phone with false promises of wifi calling.

Kaibeth, I sypathize with your dilemma.  Check out the other two threads on this forum concerning Wi-fi issues.  My point is, even when you get actual wi-fi you must have a cell signal as well to get reliable service.  It does not matter if it's Android or Apple.  As most of have found out, the retail store folks seem to have no idea this is an issue.