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Provide Direct Feedback via email or?

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Provide Direct Feedback via email or?

Hi! I want to know how I can provide direct feedback for an extremely helpful rep. I’ve had major, major issues with Xfinity for some time, beginning with internet and then mobile. This was NOT my first time calling. I had two reps asst me with my mobile issue tonight that were fantastic... the second (a mobile troubleshooter ?) was phenomenal and resolved my concerns. The first rep of many that did ! The survey call only asked whether I’d recommend xfinity and did not specifically review the rep. I have varying opinions of each and want to share (maybe to Xfinity mobile lol and yes yes to the rep). Is there an email address I can contact?the rep is out of Washington state. Thanks
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Re: Provide Direct Feedback via email or?

There's no email address, but should work. The "Select a Category" dropdown on that page has an option for "Compliments/Recognize an Employee".