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Protection plan offered - then not???

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Protection plan offered - then not???

I was really excited to learn about the new mobile service when changing my cable tv/internet plan. I placed an order for 2 iphones and to port the numbers from AT&T.


I am a klutz and will pay for protection plans for things that I can break, get wet or lose. The sales rep on the phone told me that I could add the coverage when I received and registered the phone (for $12/month).  So, I ordered them. BUT there is NO PROTECTION plan available as the sales rep told me.  See the chat transcript I had with a support person (not sales).


I have issues - on many fronts.. has anyone experienced similar problems?   1) I was told that I would receive the phones today and they did not arrive. I called and they are behind and will be about a week... maybe.   2)  They duplicated my order and charged me twice.  I have the impression this is not uncommon.  3)  There is NO PROTECTION plan available as the sales rep told me.


This is a community board and I hope someone can ease my apprehension to switch to Comcast Mobile.  It now seems like a huge risk.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR FEEDBACK.  


Chat started on 22 Jun 2017, 04:24 AM (GMT+0)
(04:24:03) *** MICHAEL joined the chat ***
(04:24:03) MICHAEL: can you please provide a link for your mobile device protection plan. I cannot find it anywhere. ty
(04:25:05) Customer Service: Due to the overwhelming demand for XFINITY Mobile, shipment of your order may be delayed. We apologize for the inconvenience and will expedite your order at no charge once it's ready to ship. If you have other questions about your order or need help with something else, please hold for the next Chat XFINITY Mobile Specialist.
(04:31:18) *** John C- LT1 joined the chat ***
(04:31:22) John C- LT1: Hello, MICHAEL! And, thank you for contacting XFINITY Mobile. My name is John C- LT1. I would be happy to assist you today!
(04:31:46) MICHAEL: mobile device protection plan. I cannot find it anywhere. ty
(04:31:58) MICHAEL: u have a link?
(04:32:43) John C- LT1: At the moment we don't have a protection plan.
(04:33:02) John C- LT1: You have a 1 year warranty on your mobile device ether with samsung or apple.
(04:33:20) John C- LT1: we are working on one but is no available for our customers yet.
(04:33:44) MICHAEL: they told me on the phone that they offer a protection plan for 12/mo that I could activate when I received it
(04:34:16) MICHAEL: Just ordered 2 phones, guess I will cancel tomorrow. I am clumsy and need this.
(04:34:57) John C- LT1: At the moment we don't offer it i apologize.
(04:35:12) John C- LT1: we are working on one we just don't have a date when will it be available.
(04:35:45) MICHAEL: Ty. Understand. Not good enough. Not ur fault - ty for the info. Night
(04:36:34) John C- LT1: My pleasure! Did you have any other questions or concerns for me today, MICHAEL?
(04:36:51) MICHAEL: No ty - Bye
(04:37:53) John C- LT1: Whatever you need, we’re here to help. Thanks for contacting XFINITY Mobile and if you have additional questions or need further assistance, you can contact us at or call us at (888)936-4968.
(04:42:37) *** MICHAEL left the chat ***
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Re: Protection plan offered - then not???

Xfinity mobile blocks you from being able to purchase Samsung's protection program to force you to use xfinitys nonexistent plan.

Re: Protection plan offered - then not???

1) Yeah, they're behind in getting phones out.  I can understand this, although wish they made it known prior to ordering.  The reason I understand is this is a new service with good pricing, so I imagine the demand is high, and Comcast might not have been ready for that demand.  Either way, this is 2017, so the actual stock and shipping dates should be known prior to purchase, in my opinion.

2) I didn't get double charged, but they do say they won't charge you until shipping, which is B.S.  I am not the only one that was charged and not shipped a phone yet.  While to me personally this is not a huge deal, it's an unfair business practice to charge people's credit cards prior to when you are supposed to, and possibly breaking some regulations.

3) I can't speak for protection offered from Comcast, but maybe this will help:


Even though I was charged early and told I would have my phone today when I ordered but it has not shipped yet, I am still looking forward to receiving my phone and getting on the Xfinity Mobile service.  The Verizon network is the best in my area, and the Xfinity Mobile pricing will drop the price of my monthly bill compared to my current T-Mobile bill, and I'll be getting a new phone.  So to me, I'm not really worried about anything yet...  Don't know if any of this helps at all...  haha