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Protection Plan - Repair vs. Replace

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Protection Plan - Repair vs. Replace

I have a Galaxy S10e, bought new in May 2019. I dropped it and the screen is now cracked in the top corner. I have the $12/month protection plan and have now talked with Assurant twice on the phone. They insist that the only option I have is to pay the $99 deductible and receive a refurbished phone. Has anyone had any luck getting a screen replaced/repaired under the protection plan? I was at a UBreakIFix store today and they told me it shouldn't be a problem, but I called again and Assurant tells me they don't use UBreakIFix (even though they are a Samsung authorized repair store). For the cost ($199) to replace the screen there with a Samsung warranty included, I'm thinking of just paying for it out of pocket and discontinuing my Protection Plan with Xfinity. Any thoughts or insights?


Re: Protection Plan - Repair vs. Replace

That’s the reason why I went for the AppleCare+ plan instead of the Protection Plan. Cause they do not use OEM parts and often makes you do another repair on top of the original issue. The only problem is that Samsung’s don’t have a plan like Apple Care