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Promotional Visa Card ... aghhhhh! Please help :(

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Promotional Visa Card ... aghhhhh! Please help :(

Aghhh … Smiley Sad

I bought a phone to the join Xifintiy mobile family. Phone bought Dec 12th, email received from local store on the Dec. 13th with my order number. When I bought it I gave credit card info, etc and had the account set up. Promotion ended on Dec 14th.

Phone was on back order and I didn’t receive it until Jan.

Since I did sign the contract within the time frame I went to local store the end of February to see why I hadn’t received Prepaid card. It should have arrived 6-8 weeks. They said that it qualified, and gave me an expedited number to call after a few weeks.

I waited and called, no update.

Today (April 25th) I chatted to check on status, chat window closed after 12 minutes.

So I called, explained problem, and call was dropped.

Called back, I apologized ahead of time to rep if I sounded like an unhappy camper.

She found my info, and read to me why it was denied. “Not in time frame of promotion”

Told her I had copy of paper work, when signed as well as email from company (with date). She said that it didn’t indicate any of that and gave me another phone number to call which put me in the loop from where I started.

I’m retired, store is on the other side of the city and I really don’t want to have to drive 30 min to see about getting this resolved.

And … $200 is a lot of money for me.

Hope you can help because this is really isn’t the right way to treat a customer.

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Re: Promotional Visa Card

NM_Mimi, got your private message to Phil and I. I will respond shortly. 



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Re: Promotional Visa Card ... aghhhhh! Please help :(

NM_Mimi, I sent you the results of the promotional card investigation in private message. Post again if you need anything else.