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Promise Broken!

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Promise Broken!

Back in October 2017, I switched from T-Mobile with the help of Ashley in our New Hampshire office. She promised me the world. The offer at the time was a $500.00 prepaid card that would be sent after 90 days. Here it is now, 4 months later still no prepaid card.  Having not receive any calls back from her, I esclated this to the Better Business Bureau.  Here is my complaint number (Complaint ID #12686927).  Well guess what?  I got a call from the excalation department (Migel) who looked into it.  

"You should have that prepaid card by the end of February".  Ok well that answer was not good but I accepted it.  I asked him to try to expedite it.  

Well, lo and behold he made it worse.  Now I will not have this card until "possibly the end of March"  If I do not receive this prepaid card by the end of February I will take this to small claims court to have Xfinity pay not only for my T-Mobile late fees but the expense of having to take a day off from work, the expense of filing the claim in court and the gas money. Xfinity, you cannot promise the world to people then claim "They say you will have your card by February" They say the end of March"

My next step after small claims court may have to be a class action suit.  I am sure I will be able to find MANY Plantiffs to move this along with me.

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Re: Promise Broken!

i think in order too get  a $500 gift card  i think  you all so have too have comcast triple play  i could be wrong on that


here the link  too check for any updates

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Re: Promise Broken!

Hi ThomasDebra0525,  apologies for your experiences with the prepaid card?  By chance did the Escalation department provide a number to contact them back in case you have any further questions/concerns in regards to the prepaid card?


thank you