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Problem with port in

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Problem with port in

So I got the Iphone X more than a week ago. I Have tried to port in my number from T mobile and there is always an error. I have called multiple times to get the issue fixed. Finally I found out that the reason for the error was because T Mobile would not let it go. After resolving that issue with T mobile I re do the porting process through the phone with xfinifty. I gave the man, who was helping me with the process, the t mobile account and pin number. After that He said that its been successful and the phone had been activated with the port in. Finally i was happy the issue was solved only to realize that the man did not do the port in but instead activated the phone with a complete new number. I have called multiple times now about that mistake to only be told that because the phone has been activated with a new number my number from t mobile can no longer be port in. I am very frustrated because that is not at all what i asked and wanted. All They can say is that the problem will go to higher tier-2 and i would get a call back soon but at this point I have no hope of getting a call back because its not the first time the issue has gone to higher tier and i never received a call from them. All I want to know if this problem can be fixed, if not ill just return the phone and look for a different carrier.
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Re: Problem with port in


Ortiz1178, what we'd be looking at doing is a deferred port. And this when we port a number over a number that has already been activated. These aren't garuanteed, but I've seen a few be successful. Let's check out the status of the port. Please send me a private message with your full name and the phone number associated with your residential account for help.