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Pre-Order with no phone

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Pre-Order with no phone

This was the very 1st time I ever did a pre-order on a new device. I usually wait for all the kinks to get worked out and read the reviews, but after seeing the Samsung video of the Note 10, I did pre-order of the Galaxy Note 10+, was told by several reps that my new phone would be delivered on 8/23.  After staying home to sign for said phone, I didn't receive one.  When I called to find out about the phone 8/24, no one could tell me when it was going to be shipped, only that they were sent a limited about of phones from Samsung and there was no information on when more would be sent or when I would receive my phone?  The website stated all varieties were in stock until yesterday.  Other providers are offering BOGO of these phones but I can't get my pre-ordered phone. 

If you only have a limited amount of phones to send out to customers, then why not mention that on the website when the order is placed or better yet only take orders for the number of phones that you are going to receive instead of leaving customers (since 10/2017) frustrated and angry?  This must not be a huge issue like major launches in the past, as I haven't seen any media talking about the shortages on the pre-orders.  

Maybe I wouldn't be so irritated if someone with Xfinity could have some sort of valid information instead of wrong or no information.  This just wreaks of poor management and planning on Xfinity's part.  What is the benefit of pre-ordering the phones anyway?  Is that rebate offered for the pre-orders really worth all the nonsense?