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Porting of number from Lyca mobile

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Porting of number from Lyca mobile

I want to setup my xfinity mobile. Will buy a new phone and port my number.  I tried calling the sales department as i can get 200$ discount by call only.

She tried to port my number from Lyca mobile but failed to do so and asked me to get a new number.  I can not really change my number so not able to get xfinity mobile service.

Do u have any suggestion ?



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Re: Porting of number from Lyca mobile

I suggest you call Lyca Mobile and find out exactly what information is required to be supplied to Lyca by Xfinity Mobile when porting out your number.

Get that information, and make careful note of it. It must be provided exactly by Xfinity Mobile to Lyca when attempting to port and even the most trivial of mismatches will cause the port to fail.

Also, get the contact number for Lyca's porting out department so that you can provide it to Xfinity Mobile. They will need it if the port fails again.


Porting is almost always handled by the new carrier's agent providing the porting information to a computer. When the process fails there is usually no way to know what caused the failure. It is at this point humans have to get involved in order to continue and succede. Those humans are the gaining carrier's porting agent, the losing carrier's porting agent, and the customer, all talking to each other at the same time on a conference call.


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Re: Porting of number from Lyca mobile

yasharya1984, did you get the account number by calling their customer service line? You'll need to call in to get the account number and the pin. Here is their support number: 866-277-3221 

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Re: Porting of number from Lyca mobile

My case is exactly the same. I have been following up for last 20 days with no solution.

Plesae let me know if your issue is resolved