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Porting multiple lines at different times


Porting multiple lines at different times

Right now, we have two phones and a watch on Verizon and I have been waiting for either the next deal on Samsung phones or waiting for my contract and phone payment to run out on Verizon before I switch (yes, I have a stupid smart watch that is under contract until June that is screwing up the whole thing.  I may just break the contract when I find the phone I want).  Anyways, my wife has an iPhone that is paid off so I was thinking maybe I would just port hers over to Xfinity for now.  We typically only use about 4GB per month between us so if I move hers over and she only uses 2 GB a month, I can drop my shared data amount on Verizon and we will still end up saving.  Anyways, since the iPhones have the $200 rebate, it might be a good time for her.  I guess what I am asking is, when I eventually switch mine over later on, is that going to confuse things or cause any problems, or will we just be able to immediately start sharing from the per GB pool? 

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Re: Porting multiple lines at different times

Hey D-Man. Thanks for posting. 


When you have a by the Gig Data plan, data is shared across the account. Whatever data your wife has accumulated since her activation will be pooled with whatever data you use when you join. You will be billed as one account. If she uses 1.5GB and then you use 2GB from the time you activate to the end of your billing cycle, the account will be charged for 2.5GB of data.