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Porting Issues from Verizon Wireless "Invalid" Pin Number

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Porting Issues from Verizon Wireless "Invalid" Pin Number

My family and I were porting our numbers over from the same Verizon account. We went to the Xfinity store and were able to transfer three of the numbers within about 5 minutes of it it being accepted. My number (from the same account) was taking longer. The Xfinity sales rep told me to wait up to 24 hours and it would transfer over. After about 72 hours, it still hasn't transferred over. I talked to the xfinity people on Chat and they said they'd expedite the process for me and email me about it. Another 72 hours passed and I didn't receive any email so I chatted with another representative. This representative said that Verizon did not release my number before deactivating our Verizon account. I was told to call the Tier 2.

I spent about an hour talking to Tier 2. Tier 2 said that Verizon says my PIN number is invalid. So, we had a 3 way conference call with Verizon and they claimed that my PIN number is correct. So we got transferred to a different department at Verizon. Then my call dropped. I called back the 888 number and the new agent said she was unable to transfer me back to my original Tier 2 agent. She told me to wait for him to call me back. I've waited for 1.5 hours and I haven't received a call. I provided him with 2 difference phone numbers to ensure that he could reach me.

I've spent so many hours and days trying to transfer this number over. I don't understand why the rest of the numbers from the same account got transferred over and mine didn't. This is extremely frustrating. Not sure what I'm supposed to do from here. I cannot lose this phone number because everything important is linked to this number.