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Phone info is all wrong

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Phone info is all wrong

I lost my phone in December. We suspended the number and bought a new phone. But I found my phone before we ever opened the box.


It took more than two weeks and perhaps a dozen hours on the phone (while we were on vacation, yet) to get my phone un-suspended. You'd think that would be a simple request. 


Anyway, some higher-level rep finally got my phone working but said it was a temporary fix. That was more than 2 months ago. Our account should have only two phones listed: my husband's and mine (which is paid in full). But it still has two phones listed for me. Neither of them has the correct information for my phone. It looks like they still have the unopened phone we bought and returned listed as MY phone. They tried to keep billing us for the second phone even after we were credited for its return.


I just want to update the information on the actual phone I use. The one that's paid for already. 


Things that are incorrect on our account:


1. number of mobile phones associated with our account.

2. model number of the actual phone in use for me.

3. IMEI and other identifying numbers of the actual phone in use for me.


I was just told I cannot fix this via the Xfinity chat, and I have not seen a place on the website anywhere to contact customer support via support ticket or email. After watching my husband waste hours and hours on the phone over this ongoing issue, I want a "paper trail" so we can see the history of what's going on.


We have been Triple Play (and now Mobile) customers for nearly two decades. We are READY to walk away from all three parts of our bundle over this. We don't have time to waste on our vacations with customer service reps trying to get a single phone reinstated properly.

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Re: Phone info is all wrong

So... two weeks and no reply at all?


We are almost definitely switching our entire Triple Play bundle away from Comcast/Xfinity, after nearly 20 years of loyal service.


This is the last straw. I travel again in three weeks, and I'm afraid my phone is going to konk out on me yet again due to the IMEI issues alone.


Thanks for nothing, Xfinity. Talk us out of switching before it's too late.


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