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Phone Returns issue

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Phone Returns issue

I recently purchased Iphone11, S10 and G8, S10 was ordered on 9th Dec at 10:39 PM and delivered to me on 11th Dec at 3:37 PM, it was a gift to my daugther, she told me after my ordering that she would love LG G8. I ordered G8 on 19th that I recieved yesterday on 23rd.


Today (24th Dec) when i went to return the phone which was still in box unopened with even the SIM not activated, they said that their policy is 14 days from time of shipping.


Inspite of us being at home, the Fedex guys delivered to me 3 days late.


They say that i cannot even unlock the phone till i pay in full, but if i pay in full I cannot get the 250$ off. So I cannot even sell this phone.


 I even volunterred that I am willing to pay slightly more as I would like to gift my daughter a phone she likes rather than s10.


They just told me that I am stuck.


This is a SCAM that they have 14 days from shipping,(irrespective of when the customer gets) most of the companies have 14 days after a customer has received the phone and during holiday season more slightly more days.


The phone is totally new,box and SIM card are not opened.


Please help make the holidays better for new customer.