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Outrageous system and customer service

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Outrageous system and customer service

Here is a fun story; see if you can follow along. I'm an existing Xfinity Mobile customer and I have four lines (that's important, so remember it for future reference below). I ordered a new iPhone X (a fifth line) on February 3rd, 2018. I got an email saying it had been shipped on Februrary 5th and the FEDEX expected delivery date was February 7th. February 7th came and went. I called FEDEX three times that day: The first FEDEX rep told me that they don't know where the package was - it was in their Memphis sorting facility and the label probably 'fell off'. The second FEDEX rep said 'no, I see it in our 'back system' that's it in Portsmouth, NH (near where I reside) and should be out for delivery soon. I was skepitcal so called back, and the third FEDEX rep told me that they'd found the package but it was an empty box. 

So-- I called Xfinity. We conferenced with FEDEX and Xfinity was satisfied that the phone they sent was a lost cause and told me to order another phone through their sales department. I did so, but the sales rep said 'oh, you can't order another phone because you already have five lines - that's the max.'  I countered with 'no, I don't, because the phone you sent was lost. Please cancel that order and that line, so I can get the iPhone I ordered 6 days ago. I was put on hold for about 30 minutes and the resolution of that call to Xfinity was that they'd terminated the new line and it takes '48 hours' to come off my account. 48 hours later, nothing had happened so I called Xfinity back. This time, I was told that I had to call FEDEX back and file a claim. I called FEDEX back and they said no, Xfinity has to file the claim. So, I called Xfinity back and said that they'd call FEDEX and file a claim but it might take 2 weeks for FEDEX to finish looking for the lost phone. 'Whoa,' I said... that means I have to wait 3 weeks in total to get a new phone because you can't cancel the fifth line until the phone either shows up or FEDEX declares it lost? Yep! says Xfinity customer service rep. 'Let me speak to your supervisor please!' I said. 62 minutes later (NO JOKE, I was on hold that long) I spoke to a supervisor. I told him 'I ordered a phone; FEDEX lost it, and your system isn't allowing me to get another phone because it's a five-phone max. What if I had only three lines now and ordered a fourth line, couldn't you just send me another phone as I'd only have four lines instead of five?' ... 'Yes, under that scenario, we could just send you another phone.' ... 'Okay, so I'm being punished by you guys for wanting to pay you more money to get a fifth line? I switched to you guys from Sprint because I like Xfinity' ..... 'It's the system, it won't allow us to cancel a line until the phone is officialy declared lost and that lies with FEDEX.'  Now, of course everyone knows that FEDEX didnt' 'lose' that iPhone's in the pocket of a Memphis employee. So, I said - 'just blacklist the phone's IMEI and send me a new one.'  .... 'We can't do that.' Ultimately, the supervisor told me that 'Xfinity Mobile now has 500,000 customers, but we [Xfinity] only has 8 (eight) employees to handle my type of predicament. They're called TIER 3 employees, and they deal with escalated matters. But, they take a while to respond to emails and inquiries because there is only 8 of them.'

The moral of this story is that Xfinity Mobile's customer service reps are very nice and polite but working for a regime that is apparently inflexible and incompetent. If any of the above makes sense to ANYONE please let me know. It's now 10 days since I ordered a new phone and Xfinity's inablity to simply send me another phone after they conferenced in FEDEX and determined the other one was lost is BEYOND me.



Re: Outrageous system and customer service

WOW! I feel for you Caps0627. The more I read the issues on this forum the more I realize the necessity for the strict internal controls at XM.  Add Gov Regulations, a still maturing XM division, the necessity to protect the interests of both customers and Company, cell phones as valuable as gold for some folks , and you end up with very rigid internal processes.  Great experiences to learn from.  Wish you luck with your issue.

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Re: Outrageous system and customer service

Caps0627, thanks for posting here. 


If you have been in contact with Tier 2 and Tier 3 support, there should be a ticket in the system tracking the FedEx claim. Please send me a private message with your full name and the phone number associated with your residential services for help.