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One SIM, Two Unlocked iPhones

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One SIM, Two Unlocked iPhones

I am considering switching to Xfinity Mobile as they are under the Verizon network which not only offers the best service for me at my new work, but also allows SIM swapping between devices unlike my current provider (Sprint through Virgin Mobile) which ties a SIM to the device's IMEI. I would like to verify that Xfinity mobile like Verizon allows a SIM card to be swapped between two unlocked devices, in this case an iPhone 7 Plus and an iPhone 5s, both unlocked. I have read several related posts but still don't have a clear answer as to if it would work, work with some limitations, or outright fail due to some particular difference between how Verizon and Xfinity Mobile work.


In case someone finds background information relevant to answering my question, the reason why I need SIM swapping is that my workplace requires all phones to have had their cameras permanently removed. I need to have a camera on my phone when I am not at work, but also don't want to have to pay for and deal with two separate lines. Many of my coworkers have Verizon and swap one SIM between an older compliant phone and a newer non compliant phone when at home, however I do not care to double my current phone bill if Xfinity Mobile or another Verizon MVNO would work.




Edit: I was able to speak with an online representative who somewhat answered my questions. They indicated that some features (account related?) may be inaccessible like selecting roaming data but otherwise service should function normally on the secondary device. However, if someone can clarify exactly what limitations the secondary device would have that would definitely be useful. I also realized that an iPhone 5s is the cutoff and not supported so I would need another phone if I wanted to SIM swap. Given that 5s will likely not be included in the next major iOS update it may not be a bad idea.


Re: One SIM, Two Unlocked iPhones

I have an iPhone XS Max and an iPhone SE which I switch my Xfinity SIM between.  I have not noticed any limitations by moving the SIM.  Cellular Data Roaming works on both phones.  

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Re: One SIM, Two Unlocked iPhones

I do it on android. Swap my xfinity to other devices. Never any issues except voicemail