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New iPhone X from xfinity - no hotspot / visual voicemail

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New iPhone X from xfinity - no hotspot / visual voicemail

Hi all,

I have been an xfinity mobile customer for 6+ months now, and a Comcast internet/cable customer for going on 2 years. I usually have nothing but good things to say with customer service reps... however this latest issue has all of the reps I’ve spoken with (4 now) completely baffled.

We have two lines on our xfinity mobile account, both using unlimited data. My fiancé using the LG X charge (and his Samsung s7 interchangably) and my iPhone X which I just purchase and received from Xfinity mobile on Thursday.

The first issue that arose, was that my new iPhone showed up as an additional line on my account. Same IMEI, same phone number, and the additional $45 charge. I called a rep who was very sweet and patient, and submitted a tier two ticket to get this resolved. She stated they were going to try to remove that additional line, but had to do in in a way so that it did not change the insurance I purchased. After our call ended, I received a voicemail from a different xfinity rep, stating that they removed the line (although it’s still showing up in my account “pending activation”) and refunded the $45. The issue was then, that my insurance was cancelled. I received an email shortly after confirming that change was submitted.

I immediately called back to speak to yet another rep, who stated he was unable to do anything about that at all... I also again mentioned that my personal hotspot and visual voicemail were not working. I advised him that I had done a network reset, a hard factory reset, and had Apple remote connect to my phone. They determined that this was a carrier issue and not an Apple issue. This rep still put the blame on me and my iPhone.

I asked if they could reset my sims features on their end, and he said “I dunno,” and suggested again to do a hard reset.

At this point I am beyond frustrated. The closest xfinity mobile store is >45 minutes away which is why I was thankful to be able to purchase this new phone over the phone / online.

Is there anyone out there that can provide any guidance or help???

Re: New iPhone X from xfinity - no hotspot / visual voicemail


"This is a public forum. Please do not post personal information such as name, phone #, email/physical address or account number."


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Re: New iPhone X from xfinity - no hotspot / visual voicemail


kmdtonkin, it sounds like your features on your iPhone X need to be realigned. Is the same issue with VoLTE appearing on your fiance's phone as well? 



Was that additional line issue resolved? Please send me a private message with your full name and phone number tied to your residential services for help.