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My mobile app doesn't work

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My mobile app doesn't work

I am beginning to regret the switch to Xfinity mobile after recommending to so many of my friends and family. Im tired of paying bills that are almost $300 every month to no fault of my own. I have yet to get the help that I need from CS. I am unable to see my bill because my mobile app has not worked for about 2 months. They keep escalating me to different departments and no one has the solution to this problem. My kids iphones would not allow them to send and receive pics from android users without using data (even with wifi on). Before the update my app was fine and bill was great. I have yet to be compensated for the inconvenience of having these terribly high bills.
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Re: My mobile app doesn't work


Dalleyne, what error message are you seeing when trying to access the app?